Making a Automotive Claim

Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful situation. Knowing in advance what to do can help make the experience less confusion.

Tend to anyone who is injured

  1. Call 911 for an ambulance.
  2. Turn off the engine and do not smoke or place flares near the car.
  3. Make sure everyone in your vehicle is okay. Don’t move anyone with injuries unless it is necessary to get them away from fire or passing traffic.
  4. Do not move your car if there are injuries, fatalities, extensive damage, any leaking fuel or passing traffic.

    If the damage is major, report the accident to the police.

  1. Always report an accident to the police if you estimate that the total damage to all vehicles exceeds $1,000 or there are injuries.
  2. If damage is minor and there are no injuries you don’t need to call the police.
  3. If the vehicle is drive-able and you can do so safely, move it as far ways as possible from moving traffic. If it cannot be driven, turn on your hazard lights, or use cones as appropriate.
  4. Report all hit and run accidents to police or other authorities.
  5. Depending on where you live, police may ask you to drive or tow your car to a Collision Reporting Centre. Visit to locate the Collision Reporting Centre nearest you.
  6. A Collision Reporting Centre is a facility created to help motorist in reporting motor vehicle collision.

    Gather information from everyone involved in the accident.

  1. Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of the other drivers, passengers, witnesses, pedestrians, and anyone with injuries.
  2. Write down the licence plate numbers of the vehicles involved.
  3. If possible, find out the name of the insurance company and policy number for each vehicle involved in the accident.

    If your car is not drive-able, call us and call a tow truck.

  1. We recommend that you have your vehicle towed to your local repair shop or a police compound for secure storage.
  2. If you are unsure about where to take your car for repairs, call us for the name of the closest preferred repair shop.
  3. Remember to remove all valuables from your car.

    Getting Home

  1. Take your vehicle home only if it is safe to do so.
  2. If your vehicle must be towed and you have coverage for a Rental Vehicle, you may be reimbursed for renting a car or taking a taxi home. Keep your receipts. When you’re able to do so, check you policy or call us to confirm your coverage.


  1. Call McLean and Dickey Ltd. After the accident, call us for advice as soon as possible, we can help you gather information and report your claim.