Making a Property Claim

Please note the information about property claims is meant only as a general guide. The wording of your actual policy will always be the final guide to coverage.

What’s covered in a property policy?

Property policies separate losses into various types, each with its own conditions and limitations.

  • Personal Property – Most of the normal contents of your home, from your clothes to linens to electronics, are considered Personal Property.
  • Real Property – Buildings and land are considered Real Property. A fire in your home can damage both the structure (Real Property) and the contents of the home (Personal Property).
  • Liability – Your responsibility to other people when they suffer loss or injury due to your negligence. Liability coverage extends to most everyday life situations but does not include, for example, liability resulting from the use of an automobile. The amount of coverage available depends on the type of policy, the insurance purchased and the nature of the loss. Please consult your policy or your broker for details.

What if I have a loss?

The risks to property are many and varied: theft, fire and water damage, to name a few. Your response depends on the type of loss you face, but here are some hints to get you started:

  • Regardless of the type of loss, report it to your broker right away. The sooner they are aware of a claim, the better we can serve you or protect your interests;
  • If theft or vandalism occurs, report the loss immediately to the police;
  • If your property is damaged, do what you can to protect it from further damage. Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed
  • Assemble any receipts, warranty documents and other proofs of ownership for lost or damaged property;
  • Retain any receipts for expenses or replaced property.

Depending on your claim we may ask you to sign a Proof of Loss form. A blank Proof of Loss form is provided in the forms section of this website.

Remember, your broker is an important part of our claims team. If you have any questions regarding the effect of the claim on your policy or coverage, your broker is there to help.

What if I can’t stay in my home?

If your home is unlivable, please contact us immediately. There may be coverage for the difference between costs you would normally have while in your home and costs incurred while you are away from your home. Coverage depends on the circumstances of your loss.

What can I expect after reporting a claim?

The insurance company will assign an adjuster who will call you within 48 business hours of receiving your claim (depending on the circumstance and severity of the claim). You can expect an efficient, knowledgeable and empathetic representative who will keep you informed and lead you through the claims process. We will promptly assess what you are owed and make your claims experience as positive as possible.

What’s a deductible?

All property policies incorporate a deductible of some description. Insurance is designed to protect people from losses they cannot afford. Adjusting many very small losses would be very expensive and would unnecessarily increase premiums. Therefore, when you buy a policy, you agree to pay the first portion of any loss. This deductible applies only once per occurrence, regardless of how many items are claimed. For example, if your deductible is $500 and your total covered claim is $2,000, the insurance company would pay you $1,500.