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Cottage insurance in Orillia, ON.

Protect your little piece of paradise.

Protect your home away from home.

Whether it's a lakefront cottage or a cabin in the woods - protect your seasonal property with coverage that fits your lifestyle.

Ensure that you protect your home away from home, as well as the contents, outdoor structures and recreational vehicles at that location, which may include a watercraft or golf cart. Having the right coverage for your cottage ensures that you are protecting your investments.

Renting out your cottage can be the perfect mix of having a seasonal home for your family to enjoy and a means to help cover expenses. Ensure that your insurance company knows that you are renting out this recreational property to have the proper rental cottage insurance coverage.

What can be covered?

This covers property damage to your dwelling that occurs from an insured incident and covers anything attached to your secondary, seasonal or cottage home, including outdoor decks.
This covers many common household belongings that you and your family own, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and appliances but there are limits on certain items.
Helps to cover any necessary increase in your living expenses should your secondary, seasonal or cottage becomes damaged or destroyed due to an insurance loss.
Covers any additional buildings or detached structure on your property, which could be a garden, tool or pool shed, as well as detached garages, boat houses and gazebos.
Covers your responsibility associated with injuries to others or property damage to others. If someone gets injured on your property and you become responsible for their injuries, this covers that exposure. This can include medical fees, expenses, or lawsuits.

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Many recreational properties are jointly owned by multiple related or unrelated individuals. Ensure that each person on the property deed is named on the cottage insurance policy in order to protect your investment.
You should consider insuring recreational water craft and vehicles such as boats, ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and other similar items. Some coverage might be automatically included in your cottage insurance policy and others require special insurance or separate policies. Having the proper insurance protects you in case there is an accidental injury or damage while using them.
Some cottage insurance policies will automatically cover your cottage while it’s being rented but it will depend on how many weeks you are renting it out. If you rent it out for a few weeks every year, your policy may cover that additional exposure. If you rent it out for more or if it is rented out year-round, you may need a specific policy to ensure you’re properly covered. Make sure you share this information with your insurance broker to ensure that you have the right policy and coverage

Seasonal dwellings located on an island with no road access are considered unprotected (in the event of a fire) and as a result, tend to cost more to insure because of the likelihood of significant damage due to lack of accessibility. Because these types of properties are remote, harder to access and may be left unchecked for a longer period of time, they are considered a higher risk.

This will depend on the insurer you are with and the type of coverage you want or are eligible for. Some insurers require year round occupancy while others do not stipulate an occupancy requirement.

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