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Compensation Disclosure

As an independent insurance broker, we serve as an intermediary between you and the insurance companies we work with. We help secure insurance on your behalf from reputable and reliable insurers. Our role is to provide you with quality insurance coverage that best suits your needs at a competitive price. In addition, we provide expert and professional insurance advice to help you make informed decisions about your insurance options. If you have to make a claim, we’re here to advocate on your behalf to get the best insurance and settlement possible.

Brokerage Compensation is part of your insurance premium and is paid annually for both new business and renewals. For your benefit we have listed below the companies we work with on a regular basis and the range of compensation they provide:


  • Definity/Economical Group*
  • Intact Insurance Company*
  • Coast Underwriters
  • Echelon Insurance
  • Aviva Insurance Company (Elite Insurance Company)*
  • Aviva Canada Inc.*
  • Northbridge General Insurance*
  • Shipowners Mutual P&I Association
  • Zenith Insurance Company
  • Lloyds of London certain syndicates
  • The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group*
  • Peel Mutual Insurance Company*
  • Facility Association (Nordic)

Compensation Range

  • Personal Property between 15%-20%
  • Commercial Property between 5%-25%
  • Commercial Marine and Pleasure Craft Marine between 0%-21.5%
  • Personal and Commercial Automobile (other than certain Facility policies which are capped) between 7.5% and 15.5%

On occasion we place coverage through Managing General Agents (MGAs). MGAs have expertise in niche products and provide access to specialty markets. The compensation range from MGAs is between 5% and 20%.

In order to maintain strong relationships with quality insurers, we work with each to provide the type of business they desire. The insurers noted with an asterisk above recognize our efforts through a Contingent (Profit) contract which can pay us additional compensation. This payment may depend on a combination of growth, profitability, volume, retention, and increased services we provide on behalf of an insurer and is not guaranteed. It is also based on our entire portfolio of business with an insurer and not on individual policies. For more detailed information, please go to any of the above noted insurers’ websites.

We greatly appreciate your trust and look forward to building a strong relationship with you as we work to meet your insurance needs.

Should you have any questions about this or any other aspect of your insurance, please feel free to reach out to us at 705-325-4461 or email us at [email protected].

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