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Farm Insurance in Orillia, ON

We’re rooted in the community and we know farm insurance.

We understand what Ontario farmers need.

We have the knowledge to get you the best coverage for your farming operation so that your home and business are protected.

Your farm is more than just a business. It’s a way of life.

We’ll help protect what matters most.

Farming isn’t just like any other business and requires insurance that is customized to each operation. Regardless of the size of your agri-business, you’ll need insurance that protects you against liability, damage to your machinery and outbuildings, as well as the potential loss of income if an unforeseen peril threatens your livelihood. Talk to our experts to find out the best kind of coverage for your operation.
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We’ll customize an insurance solution that works for you.

Whether you’re running a working farm or a small hobby farm we’ll go over all the options to make sure you have the best coverage.

Relax. We’ll find you the best insurance coverage so you’re protected.

Livestock & poultry insurance

Your animals are essential to the success of your operation.

Talk to one of our insurance experts today.

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Hobby farm insurance

Don't rely on your homeowners insurance to protect you.

Farm insurance isn’t just for farmers with hundreds of acres of corn or a massive poultry operation. If you have a small farm that you’re operating mainly for pleasure you should consider getting hobby farm insurance. Though hobby farms can be different sizes and types, by definition, a hobby farm isn’t used as a primary source of income.

Why you need hobby farm insurance

Talk to one of our insurance experts today.

Equine insurance

Just because you do it for fun doesn't mean you don't need insurance.

You’ve finally taken the plunge and now you have a couple of horses. Maybe you’re boarding your friend’s horse or plan to offer riding lessons in your paddock. Then, you’ve always thought that offering trail riding on your property would be fun. If any of these statements describe you, give us a call to discuss your insurance options.

Insurance protection designed for you

Getting equine insurance can be difficult under a regular farm insurance policy. We have the expertise to get you covered.

Talk to one of our insurance experts today.

FAmily standing next to horse in a meadow

Have questions about farm insurance?

Check out our FAQ

Yes, however an inspection is required or a design drawing must be provided on newer builds.
If someone else is farming your land, best practice is for that farmer to add you, the property owner, to the liability portion of their farm insurance as an additional insured. This safeguards everyone in the event of a claim.
Yes, your farm liability coverage protects you should something happen.

It is tempting to underinsure your barns in order to keep costs down. However, if your barn is partially damaged and needs to be repaired, your policy will only pay out a portion of the partial loss that reflects the percentage that you have covered. For example, if your barn is valued at $100,000 and you choose to underinsure it for $50,000, any subsequent damage is assessed at half its value. So your policy will only cover $10,000 (less your deductible) of a roof repair that costs $20,000. You are on the hook for the remainder of the cost.

More information about farm insurance.

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