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Renters & Tenants Insurance in Orillia, ON

Protection for your stuff and accidental damage to your landlord's property.

You work hard to buy your belongings.

Protect them with the right insurance.

Insurance for renters is just as important as for homeowners. If you rent, your landlord’s insurance will protect the building if damage occurs, but you’re on your own if something happens to your belongings. Whether you’re renting a home, apartment or condominium, tenant’s insurance will provide you coverage for you and your belongings if they were damaged.

What can be covered?

Renter’s insurance helps to protect your personal belongings, cover you against liability and additional living expenses in case your home becomes uninhabitable.

This covers many common household belongings that you and your family own, such as furniture, clothing, electronics, and appliances but there are limits on certain items.  Additional coverage may be required for jewelry, computers, cash, musical instruments, art, or stamp/coin/card collections and more.  These items are also usually covered when you are temporarily away from your home, such as on a trip.

This covers any necessary increase in your living expenses should your home become damaged or destroyed due to an insurance loss. If you must move out of your home due to an insurance loss, your policy will also cover hotel bills, restaurant meals, rent, storage, and even pet boarding until you can move back.

This covers your responsibility associated with injuries to others or property damage to others. If someone gets injured on your property and you become responsible for their injuries, this covers that exposure. This can include medical fees, expenses, or lawsuits. This coverage also protects you if ever you accidentally hurt someone anywhere in the world.

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There is no law requiring to have tenant’s or renter’s insurance, but landlords can mandate that you buy and maintain tenant’s insurance as a requirement of the lease. This type of policy is the only way to protect your belongings.
You can be held legally and financially responsible for the damage you cause to any part of the building in which you live in. Your Personal Liability Coverage will protect you if you cause accidental damage to the building.
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