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Tips for keeping your business location safe if you have to close

The latest COVID-19 wave is seeing many businesses close their doors to the public and send their employees home. As a business owner, use this checklist courtesy of Northbridge Insurance to close-up your property so that it’s safe and secure while you’re away. Make sure your staff are also aware of the importance of checking for potential fire and security hazards prior to locking up for an extended closure.

Fire Prevention Checklist

Crime Prevention Checklist

Other Items to Remember

Best Practices for long-term closures

If your business is going to be unattended for an extended period, follow these best practices:

  • Maintain a minimum temperature inside the building to preserve its contents, facilities and the building itself. To keep the water network in operation, maintain a minimum temperature of 18C. This temperature is also recommended if your building has a sprinkler system.
  • Even if a minimum temperature is maintained, it’s recommended that you turn off the water at the main inlet valve and drain the entire system by turning on a tap at the end of the plumbing network.
  • If you drop the temperature below 18C, make sure that the ambient humidity level is below 40% to prevent a build-up of condensation and mold. Be aware that dropping the temperature too low can result in a contraction of internal building materials and a breakage in the finish of the walls.
  • Finally, visit the building every other day to ensure that everything is in working order.


Taking the time to conduct a thorough walk-through before closing and checking back regularly increases the chances that your property will be safe and secure when you’re ready to open again.

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