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5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Liability Insurance Claims

liability insurance to protect your business

Accidents happen. That’s why you have liability insurance to protect your business from unfortunate incidents like a slip-and-fall accident. Nonetheless, the cost of deductibles and increased premiums that come with repeated liability insurance claims can take an unnecessary financial toll on a small business.

You can prevent the most common types of liability claims before they happen by implementing a safety-first approach. The safety checklist below will help keep your customers and employees safe while keeping your claims costs low.

1. Maintain Proper Lighting

Poor visibility is to blame for a number of workplace hazards including slips and falls. Conduct routine checks of all your interior and exterior light fixtures and immediately replace light bulbs that have burned out.  

2. Clean Up Spills Immediately

Make sure you have procedures in place to handle spills immediately after they occur. Keep a mop and “Wet Floor” sign in an accessible location so employees can readily respond to spills. Also, when it rains or snows, place slip-resistant floor mats at entrances and exits. It’s also smart to put down the “Wet Floor” sign to remind customers and employees to be cautious. 

3. Keep Walkways and Parking Lots Clear

Parking lots and exterior walkways can be costly hazards. Walk these areas at least once a day to check for broken glass or other debris that needs to be removed. If your parking lot develops potholes, deep cracks or other problem areas, it is worth the expense to have them repaired immediately. When snow or ice falls, be prepared to clear it away quickly so customers and employees have a safe path to get to and from your building.

4. Stairs and Steps

Install proper lighting above all stairs to ensure that customers and employees can see clearly. Also, check the handrails to make sure they are not loose. If your stairs do not have handrails, install them.

5. Carpets and Flooring

Heavy foot traffic wreaks havoc on a business’ carpet and flooring. Over time, loose tiles, carpet snags, and other damage can cause tripping hazards. Repair them immediately before they cause a bigger problem.

For more ideas to keep your business free from liability claims, talk to your insurance broker.  

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