Attention Rowing Shell Owners

Finding it Difficult to Obtain Insurance Coverage on Your Rowing Shell?

We Have the Solution! Most Personal Insurance Policies Exclude Items Used for a Competition.

  • Coverage on your shell & accessories commences upon receipt of your completed application & payment, and expires on the program anniversary date of February 7th (each year).
  • The premium is based on a flat fee rate (no discount despite when your coverage begins). Having a flat rate and common expiry date reduces administration costs and has helped maintain our low rate for more than 15 years.
  • The policy covers the rowing shell including related rowing accessories (to a maximum $1,000) up to the value declared on the certificate against All Risks of Direct Physical Loss (subject to certain policy exclusions) anywhere in Canada, Puerto Rico or The United States of America, but excluding transportation to or from Puerto Rico or Hawaii.
  • There is a deductible of $250 for each claim

Optional Coverage Enhancement

In the event of partial loss or damage to any rowing shell described, and covered by your certificate, Loss of Use will refund you the cost for rental of a temporary substitute shell. The limit for this additional coverage is up to $500 per month to a maximum of $2,000 and a maximum indemnity of 120 days per certificate year.

NOTE: No claim shall be recoverable in the event of total or constructive total loss of the shell, or for days during which the shell would not normally be permitted to be used by virtue of lay-up restrictions or other such prohibition (example: if the shell was not intended to be used from December 1st to May 1st and it is damaged in November and repair is completed by March then no claim for loss of use would be paid).

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