Important Change to Auto Insurance – Minor Accidents

Did you know that effective back in June 1, 2016, Insurance Companies in Ontario can no longer use a minor at-fault accident occurring on or after June 1, 2016 that meets certain criteria to increase your automobile premiums?  Provided that no payment has been made by any Insurer, there are no injuries, damages to each […]

Gap Insurance, what’s that?!

About 85 per cent of new car buyers will use some sort of financing to pay for their vehicle, according to credit reporting company Experian. If you’re such a buyer, you can expect that during your purchase a car dealership will try to sell you gap insurance. Gap insurance makes up the difference between what […]

New impaired driving Laws are Here

    New impaired driving laws are here as of Dec 18, 2018. Stricter impaired driving laws come into effect that will allow officers to demand breath samples without ‘reasonable suspicion.’According to the OPP, more than 7,300 impaired driving charges were laid across Ontario between the start of the year and mid-November.  Simply put – call […]